Our 2020 biennial architecture exhibition, TIME SPACE EXISTENCE, will again be organized and hosted by the European Cultural Centre in Venice, Italy at the following places: Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Mora and Giardini Marinaressa in Venice. TIME SPACE EXISTENCE has been an official part of La Biennale Di Venezia program for many years. In the last years our event has grown, not only in terms of visibility and publicity, the number of projects exhibited and the square meters used, but also in the number of visitors (reaching 500,000 visitors in 2018). We are happy and proud to see that many international architects, studios and universities, have trust in us and the ECC.


Through this exhibition, we aim at acknowledging the influence of architecture on our daily life. Our project will explore the relations between architecture, our society and our surroundings by showcasing a wide variety of investigations and projects, ranging from concepts, drawings, models, videos, photographs to site-specific installations. 


We are inviting architects and businesses associated with architecture to investigate the topics of time, space and existence; The 2020 edition will have a focus on sustainability, innovative materials and the relationship with the natural environment.



For the upcoming edition, there will be approximately 170 architects, firms and universities exhibiting their latest projects over 3,000 sqm of indoor space divided over two palazzos, as well as over 6,000 sqm of Venetian public gardens.


We will provide, together with the ECC, a space in Palazzo Mora to present your work in our exhibition “TIME- SPACE – EXISTENCE”. 

The proper functioning of utilities which are necessary for carrying out the exhibition, the necessary wall painting and general cleaning works, two large exhibition VIP opening events, qualified personnel for installing, handling, maintenance and dismantling the exhibition; providing all obligatory exhibition permits; providing and arranging all publicity, press, banners, totem, etc., providing services and drinks for small meetings at the Palazzos for your invited guests, assisting with customs formalities, international shipping and local transport; sending out general information and invitations to ECC’s international mailing list of over 38,000 contacts; collecting and providing data of prospects who are interested in contact you; producing and providing a hardcover catalogue approx. 500 page with 2 pages dedicated to your presentation.


Concerning the time frame of the preparation of the exhibition, we are planning to confirm all participants before the end of the year with a final deadline linked to the catalogue making, at the beginning of February 2020. Afterwards, we will start all the setup procedures for the opening events of the show and ask architects and studios to send us presentation materials two months before the opening.
As soon as we can receive from you an idea about your possible presentation and layout it would be a pleasure to discuss all possibilities together on how to make your presence in Venice a success.


The New York International Contemporary Art Society (NYICAS), and Saphira & Ventura Gallery's proposal for the 2020 Biennale is to bring North and South American Architects through a dialogue between the United States and Brazil, New York and Sao Paulo, establishing exchange of architectural experiences in the context of human living and sustainability of the planet.




The registration of your proposal should be through the construction of a pre-project summarized, consisting of the following items:
1. Description of your idea - general summary;
2. Justification - how important is your idea to the proposed theme;
3. Objective - what you intend to show;
4. Methodologies - materials and methods that will be used;
5. Presentation of a brief memorial of this portfolio and three main works performed; short CV
6. The material should be emailed to: with a copy to and

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